Watch photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks in Munich, Germany using an iPhone 5S! *UPDATE: We’ve launched Part II. Watch it here: Join the Cooperative of Photography: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Director: Matthew Rycroft Photographer: Lorenz Holder ( Models: Matthew Rycroft & Vincent Urban Cinematography & Editing: Andrea Schernthaner Music:
Watch photographer Leo Rosas demonstrate 7 simple photography tips & tricks. Join the Cooperative of Photography: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Photographer: Leo Rosas Model: Marc Schwarz Cinematography & Editing: Holger Väth / Andrea Schernthaner Director: Matthew Rycroft – This is our Photography-themed Rube Goldberg Machine. We hope you all enjoy the…
We got sent a link recently to a website called and were quite inspired by some of the shots she did. Her works involves “”Levitation Photography””, which is basically shots that make the subject look like they are floating in mid air. Kai, who should’ve been doing something else decided to go out to try it for himself. Visit: Pricing Reference: Connect with us: ================================== Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Flickr: DigitalRev: Fancy Reading? ================================== Bokeh by DigitalRev: The fresher and funner photography read Watch More DRTV Videos ================================== Join [More]
GO HERE: In this high-speed photography tutorial, you will learn how to fr…
COOPH explains 9 photo composition tips with the help of Steve McCurry’s incredible photographs. Special thanks go to Steve McCurry for his time and permission to use his photographs in this video! Join the Cooperative of Photography: Visit Steve McCurry’s website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Director: Matthew Rycroft Videographer / Editing: Andrea Schernthaner Music:
Programme website: Look at the photo in the clip. From a picture that contains no colour our brains are able to construct a full colour image.
Watch photographer Markus Berger demonstrate some creative and practical photography tips using only household objects! UPDATE: We received a ton of questions on this video, we answer them all here: Join the Cooperative of Photography: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Photographer: Markus Berger Model: Andrea Schernthaner Cinematography & Editing: Andrea Schernthaner Director: Matthew Rycroft Music: “Mojave Mayhem” by Badvertisement Inc.
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As part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman meets a New York photographer who asks strangers on the street to pose as though they’re couple… Photography tips revealed by professional photographer Karl Taylor. This knowledge will probably change the way y…
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This is the photo shoot that Emily and I did for our Boudoir Photography eBook at I prefer a bedroom over pretty much any other location for a photo session. So why not discussing a lighting setup for your boudoir photo shoot? The setup will work for you even in pretty small bedrooms and you won’t need a lot of gear. So watch the video for understanding the setup and some other boudoir photography tips. And then go try it out yourself. See photos at I wish you good light! — Michael